Lanhom Language Services | Translation Chinese | Uebersetzung Chinesisch
Lanhom's mission is to provide customers with maximum choice in finding the globalization solution that best fits their unique needs, as the globalization and localization market continues to expand and increase in complexity.
Globalization - our technologies and innovative process management will bring you to more custumers worldwide.
Localization - multilingual websites, software applications, streamline translation and corporate and product documentation, "nothing is impossible".
Lanhom provides localization, testing and translation services to leading companies including Audatex, Audi, Bayer, BMW, Canon, Cisco Systems, Daimler Chrysler, IBM, Microsoft, Sun, Symantec, Xerox and VW. The company maintains offices in Beijing, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai
We highly value the expertise and technologies our teammates master.

Success in service branches depends mainly on the professionals who could devote themselves to the projects. HR allocation is our core process.
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