Lanhom Language Services | Translation Chinese | Uebersetzung Chinesisch
- corporate documentation
- product documentation

- life circle management
- knowledge management
- digital document platform

- multilingual web sites
- software applications
- multimedia materials

- Framemaker, InDesign ...
We provide the customers with CAT-Tools related solutions, given that the process will be optimzed and your costs will be reduced considerably.
Are you looking for a reliabe partner who could be proficient in software and website localization especially in relation to the Asian language...
We are the unique choice for you - based on the optimized process and comprehen-sive capacity. We'll manage to adapt products and services to the needs of global users. That enables users around the world benifit from them.
Our PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution allows collaboration between customers and suppliers in Asia and access to PLM data in languages using Unicode character set.
Our Team
includes following productive section groups:
Trans1(Auto), Trans2
(Engineering), Trans3(ET&IT), Trans4(Recycling), Trans5(Chemistry), Trans6(General) || Multimedia || Interpretation || DTP || IT development || Marketing & Sales || Trouble Shooting
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