Lanhom Language Services | Translation Chinese | Uebersetzung Chinesisch
As part of this solution,Lanhom’s separate LQS team performs quality assurance (QA) checks on the localized and globalized content and reports on how the translated content meets established quality metrics. In addition, working closely with
clients, Lanhom’s LQS team helps to develop new, or analyze existing, language QA procedures that are most appropriate for client-specific needs. With senior linguistic experts onboard, we are also able to suggest a customized QA process for clients.
The current evolving translation environment increasingly features more advanced approaches to content recycling between versions and between individual components
The use of various machine translation methodologies and types of subsequent post-editing; as well as the use of new translation tools and systems
The LQS integrated approach helps to ensure clients’ products and documentation reach their end-customers at the same level of linguistic quality regardless of the target language or complexity of the translation process.
Apart from the intern QA process, we also commission external qualified QA institutions to lead a respective regular inspection. The awarded certificates will be presented if required by the customers.
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