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It is about time! We are very proud that the olympic game 2008 will be coming to China at last. Meanwhile, we're honored to get designated as offical language service provider of the olympic game 2008. At the time, the friends allover the world will get to Beijing, in order to be present at this exceptionally grand occasion. Our services will meet almost every requirment and need of you, no matter you need interpreters or any documents or promotional literatures to be localized and distributed. Please contact us for more details.
We become a member of the world's largest globalization and localization association. The aim is to bring our service quality and QA process always in line with the global top standards. GALA's mission is to promote collaboration between all companies providing products and services in the translation, localization, internationalization, and globalization industry.
The Expo 2010 will bring Shanghai and China more attractiveness and higher growing speed. To us, it's a considerable opportunity to present our highlight in front of the international stage of different cultures, civilization and enviroments.
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